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December 19, 2017 - Comments Off on LAAC Candidate Bios

LAAC Candidate Bios

Candidate bios for LAAC leadership positions: Steering Committee Member, Secretary, Subcommittee Chairs

Malibu sewer issue, 1971. Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection. Accessed via Calisphere.



More info about positions and the election process can be found in our bylaws. Online ballot can be found here. Voting ends 1/3/18. Thank you for your participation!





Steering Committee Member (3-year term)

Grace Danico is an archivist for a private collection and freelances as an illustrator and designer. She currently serves as the chair of LAAC's Press and Publications subcommittee, where she designs products and leads a team of dedicated volunteers in publishing LAAC's quarterly Acid Free magazine.

Secretary (2-year term)

Courtney Dean is a project archivist at UCLA Library Special Collections where she works with graduate students in the Center for Primary Research and Training (CFPRT). She currently serves on the LAAC Steering Committee and Press and Publications subcommittee. Her favorite archival term is replevin.

Social Activities Subcommittee Chair (1-year term)

Angel Diaz is the Processing Archivist at UCLA Library Special Collections. She was formerly the institutional archivist at Los Angeles Metro and the California’s Gold Archivist at Chapman University. Angel’s professional interests include instruction with primary sources, outreach, and diversifying the profession.

Press and Publications Subcommittee Co-Chair (1-year term)

Jennie Freeburg is a practicing archivist specializing in music and the arts. She has been part of LAAC and the Press and Publications Committee for the past two years, and is very proud to have worked on every issue of Acid Free.

November 12, 2017 - Comments Off on LAAC Call for Nominations

LAAC Call for Nominations


The Los Angeles Archivists Collective (LAAC) is accepting nominations for the following positions:

-Steering Committee member (3 year term)
-Secretary (2 year term)
-Archival Education Subcommittee chair (1 year term)
-Outreach and Advocacy Subcommittee chair (1 year term)
-Social Activities Subcommittee chair (1 year term)

These positions will provide LAAC members with an opportunity to lead and contribute to future programming efforts, as well as engage, collaborate, and build relationships with the other local archivists and professional organizations. For a complete description of the duties and responsibilities carried out by these positions, see the LAAC bylaws at

The Steering Committee coordinates the organization’s meetings; presides at all meetings; seeks members to serve on subcommittees; reports to the Advisory Board; explores avenues for sustainability and growth; and provides directional oversight for the organization.

The Secretary takes minutes of all meetings of the organization, sends report of all meeting minutes to be posted on the website, maintains a copy of the current by-laws, maintains an accurate membership roster, and keeps records of organization documents.

Subcommittee Chairs organize subcommittee meetings for five areas of focus - Archival Education, Community Outreach and Advocacy, Diversity, Press and Publications, and Social Activities to ensure subcommittee activities are scheduled and executed, and report to the membership on their progress at each meeting.

The deadline for nominations is Friday Dec. 1, 2017  Dec. 15, 2017 (self-nominations are encouraged). Please note that current students may not be elected to Steering Committee or Subcommittee Chair positions. To submit nominations, email with the nominee name and position. Include a short biography and candidate statement detailing current work, professional interests, and ideas for the candidate's role in LAAC (approximately 200 words). 

In addition, LAAC seeks the following subcommittee members:

-Archival Education, 1-3 members
-Diversity, 1 member
-Social Activities, 1-2 members
-Outreach and Advocacy, 1-3 members

Members are not elected--they volunteer to be active subcommittee members. Terms are for 1 year. Students are especially encouraged to participate in these positions - LAAC is interested in having local student representatives from UCLA, San Jose State, University of North Texas, and USC.

Each subcommittee will meet in-person or virtually three times a year, and check in with other local professional organizations to avoid duplicate efforts and/or identify potential collaborations for projects or events. For more information, see the Subcommittees section on our about page at

To sign up for a subcommittee member position, email by Friday, Dec. 1 Friday, Dec. 15 and specify which subcommittee you are interested in. Please also include a few sentences about yourself.

We look forward to receiving your nominations and applications. Please feel free to email with any questions.

July 10, 2017 - Comments Off on LAAC Bylaws

LAAC Bylaws

Our new bylaws have been approved by the membership, and are now in effect. Many thanks to members that provided feedback. Read the bylaws in its entirety here.

May 8, 2017 - Comments Off on LAAC Bylaws

LAAC Bylaws

Call for feedback on our draft bylaws!

LAAC Community, we've developed some bylaws and would love your feedback. Please comment directly on the document or send an email to New positions outlined would take effect next calendar year.